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Home Theater Installation

Our priority is to help make your theater room comfortable and inviting to friends and family. You have taken a big step dedicating an entire room in your home for this purpose.  We would be doing you an injustice to not build something you admire everytime it’s used.  I’ve been in theater rooms that were just ok, but with the large investment it takes why not do something that stuns not just you and your loved ones but all invited guests.  Whether it’s a medium sized screen or a gigantic one it has a lot of other variables that go with making it perform awesomely.

Home Theater Installation isn’t just something you learn on youtube. Our professionals have an eye for it.  This doesn’t just come by chance either, it comes with years of experience putting some of the best Home Theater Systems available together.  The picture, the sound, the furniture you’re sitting on doesn’t have to feel like a movie theater seat. That is what makes the home theater so much better than the big screen you pay to share with hundreds of people.

The first step should be setting up an appointment with one of our Technicians to answer any questions.  Please feel free to give us a call and schedule your free consultation.

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Home Theater


Having a Home Theater Room may seem pretty cut and dry but the things you can do besides just watching movies are endless.  Some ideas off the top of my head how about a Karaoke Contest.  Or what about watching the big game like a super bowl with friends.  Maybe your kids want to be the coolest on the block and have an X-Box party sleepover with friends.

Home Security


Every home is different which is why we customize each one differently.  We carefully choose the most up to date state of the art security equipment on the market.  All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified when it comes to installation. All our employees go through thorough background and drug screenings before being hired.

Home Automation


Home automation comes down to the latest and best technology.  We are constantly looking for ways to make your life not just easier, but capturing modern day technology. Our systems allow your home to seamlessly communicate together in a way that would blow the normal persons mind.  You won’t believe it was possible until you see it.

Lighting Control


The possiblities for lighint control are endless with all the options.  Not only is this a luxury that you will enjoy and awe your friends but it’s also very energy effecient.  It’s also another security precaution, you can make your house appear occupied when you’re away.  You can turn on, dim, raise any light in the house with a  touch of a button from your smartphone.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have music and movies in every room of your house and all the controls at the tips of your fingers?  You
don’t have to just wish anymore, this is 2018 and anything is possible.  Our professionals can set up your home
in a way you may think for a minute you’re on a different planet.


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Free Consultation – (877) 658-1358

Home Theater Brands

We have been doing this a long enough time to know the very best brands on the market.  Just like everything else in life there are good and bad products.  Unfortunately there are a lot of mediocre inbetween.  This is where we come in.  

With several decades of experience we know a home run when we see it!!  Like anything else in life once something is done or practiced over and over it becomes second nature to recognize and produce the best end product!!


Maximum Functional Efficiency



Why have multiple remote controls when it should be all in one.  That is our specialty, streamlining all your gadgets into one awesome control.  You’ll wonder how you did it the other way so long.

Customize your Home in a Unique way



Whether you choose to do just a sound system or go all in and automate your entire household, we are the experts that can put this together in mind blowing fashion. Call Today!!

Customize your Business or Restaurant



Make your Business or Restaurant stand out from the others not just by serving better food but by having the latest customized technology throughout the entire building.

Create the Coolest Meeting Space



Do you have meetings with your employees or potential clients?  Let us create an awesome environment to not only stun your potential clients, but close the deal in fashion.

Product Selection

When it comes to choosing your product we like to think of it like when you’re choosing your dream car.  Why just settle for something that is ok or average.  We feel the investment you are making should leave you and anyone experiencing it in Awe everytime it’s driven.  In this case your home theater should blow everyones mind not just the first time but everytime.

With many years of experience this is what we do best.  It isn’t just about the sound but the look as well. Finding the perfect system to match it’s surroundings is key.

Product Features

Not all home theater systems are created equal.  Some have features that over deliver and others are just kind of average.  Our goal is to set you up with a system that not only earns your business for years down the road, but also earns your friends and families business.

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